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You're on Yotsuba Channel and you don't have physical volumes of Yotsuba, Anon?

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I have 1-13. Wish my country's licensed distributor would hurry up.

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I found two Yotsuba tomes in spanish in a backpack in the middle of the street a few years ago.

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I would but I really feel weird reading manga in my own language, shit is too formal.

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I have physical yolumes of ????

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I dont have physical copies of anything desu, and I'm finding it hard to care anymore anyway. People bitch about Berserks release schedule, but weren't we waiting for like 4 years for Yotsubas grandma to arrive? We also haven't had any decent "arcs" featuring the whole gang in ages, like how long has it been since theres been a protracted full-family interaction with the Ayases? Its starting to drag and I never cared about Ena and her dyke friend much to begin with.

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i bought 1-3 in US, 3-5 in france and 6-13 in japan. I have literally Yotsuba in 3 different languages, french translation being the worst

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My grandmother likes this series

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Did she told you why, I'm curious.

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It’s cute

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I don't have any Yotsuba volumes but I have all the Azumanga Daioh volumes. Raws of course.

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I have, polish translation

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I liked it at first, but then got a child and lost interest.

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I have the Yen Press volumes 1-12, volume 13 as well as Yotsuba & Monochrome Animals and Find Yotsuba. The latter of which is an artbook of photographs with Yotsuba drawn in. Really charming stuff.

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I have Vol. 1-14 as well as the Azumanga Omnibus. I don't buy much manga, but those are essentials.

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My condolences.

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